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Kita Lynette Creations

Affirmation Mirror (Girl)

Affirmation Mirror (Girl)

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This affirmation mirror could help with SELF LOVE. It can negate all of the negative thoughts and doubts that can creep into a child's head when they're unsure of themselves.

Mirror Cleaning: Do Not clean with Windex or any other cleaning products. Use a microfiber cloth instead.

Material: 1/4 Baltic Birch

Mirror: Mirrored Acrylic (not glass)

*Earrings not included

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Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth L.
The most wonderful gift for a little girl to lift self esteem! Daily affirmations!

I have worked as a Nanny and have been blessed to be part of a family for many years helping with the children... 4 little ones I have been blessed to take care of since they were babies as young as 3mos old...They're getting bigger now and the one sibling I bought this for is 8yrs old. She said somethings to me one day while I was taking care of her that truly bothered me...One of the things she said was she thought she was ugly it broke my heart. I explained to her she was beautiful and smart and just hugged her so big! It weighed on my mind so much I started searching for something online and came across Kita Lynette Creations. It was a true blessing! The affirmation mirror is beautiful! And to have her name on it just makes it so much more special! Thank you Kita!! I hope to be ordering a few more soon and I hope one day soon you will have one for boys with a little afro and the same affirmations with handsome on it! I wish I could have posted a pic of mine...THANK YOU!!! She is going to love it! I put earrings on it too!

Love it

This was the perfect Christmas gift for my 7 year old niece. The mirror is so precious and I hope she keeps it forever.